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Welcome to Hebert Investments

Updated: Oct 8, 2021


Thank you for your interest in Hebert Investments. This introduction might seem a little unusual, and it is - especially when you consider the glossy brochures typically presented by financial advisers. (If you like glossy brochures we’ll of course send you one). I hope you find this letter informative and perhaps worthy of another look at the Hebert Team. So, with your permission, I’d like to begin…

We’ve been successful investment managers and stock market analysts through three generations of our family team. We perform overall stock market and individual securities analysis quite well, so well in fact that we sell the same research we create and use, to other money managers. I think that’s a fair testament acknowledging that we must know what we’re doing as investment managers and analysts.

For sure, that technical expertise is the critical part of our success over the years. Perhaps more importantly though, our investing process helps solve a troublesome dilemma for many investors: making and protecting money during calm, and often chaotic, market conditions. It’s true, as investors we cannot control the market, but we can control our reaction to it.

This leads directly to the twin pillars of our investing discipline, and why we provide this unique process to investors: We make money for you when you should be making it, and we protect your money during market turbulence. We work with the market and not against it. A simple and logical concept investors desire - you’d be surprised how few money managers accomplish that task.

I won’t go into a lengthy dissertation, for now anyway, on the details of our portfolio management techniques, how we select stocks, bonds or the pros and cons of various asset allocation strategies. I can tell you this simply though: we construct your portfolio with the proper mix of appropriate securities tailored and built for your individual situation and risk profile.

You should ask the question about how we charge management fees. I can answer that in two words: reasonable and transparent. You pay a visible, flat management fee, no hidden charges, no extra commissions or fees. Your financial success is our financial success, period.

As a fiduciary and Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) we put your interests first, above everything else. Think of it this way: we buy investments for you rather than sell investments to you, a substantial difference as opposed to the typical, non-fiduciary broker.

Another question you should ask is how we manage risk: We just don’t give it lip service, we have an actual plan to control risk, a critical protection ingredient. By following a disciplined plan, the balance between risk and reward will be properly navigated. For every stock we buy for you, we know the conditions, in advance, that will cause it to be sold. The guardrails we establish control and manage acceptable risk levels for every security we buy.

Where do we go from here? Since you’re hopefully more interested now, I would recommend a short visit together, in person or over the phone. We’ll ask more questions of each other and you’ll receive as much information as you’d like about our process and results. I think you’ll see clearly why we invest better.

Following that thought: We love to share how we invest with our straightforward process. We have no secrets or black boxes, and we’ll show you everything from A to Z, going as deep in the weeds as you want. Providing investor information and education is important, and we like doing that. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll see and learn. Don’t worry – there’s no follow up test.

One additional item we offer to you: A complimentary review of your current portfolio. This report will give you an idea of your current portfolio holdings, allocations and the fees you pay, in plain language.

As a final point, I realize it might seem a difficult challenge to switch advisers, but it’s not. We manage and guide that process from start to finish, without additional stress or anxiety for you.

Thanks again for your consideration – please accept my invitation to visit with the Hebert team…

Take care-

Richard Hebert


Hebert Team

…Order from chaos



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