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As a Fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor, we actively put your interests first. We do not receive commissions or payments of any kind for securities we purchase or sell for your account, period.

You engage us to buy investments for you rather than sell investments to you, unlike the non-fiduciary, commission-oriented broker.

Investment Philosophy


We believe that investors' long term goals can best be served by owning a diversified collection of common stocks with active portfolio management. Working with market conditions is key, fighting against the market is not a recipe for success. There are periods to be fully invested in the market and periods to be less invested and to protect principal.

"The return of your investment is as important as the return on your investment."

As investors, we can’t choose the market conditions, we can only choose how we’ll react to them. A good, repeatable, investing process greatly increases the odds of achieving the best possible outcome given uncontrollable market conditions.

Work with manager


Relationships are important to us; our business is built on them. Since you work directly with us, when you want access to us, you get it, transparent and efficient. There are no middlemen or third-party managers involved. Our goal is for you to feel confident in our management so that you are at ease, even during times of occasional market chaos. If questions or concerns arise, we are here for you.

Multi - Generational


We’re a third-generation family business, not new kids on the block. We’ve seen – and successfully navigated – all market conditions from rocking bullish to extreme bearish and everything in between. We know how to handle what comes at us.

We believe in the disciplined investment plan we create and follow—balancing risk and reward—so much so that our family invests our money the same way we invest yours. We eat our own cooking and don’t expect clients to take investing risks that we would not.​

We’re in it for the long run, with generational expertise to back it up.

Institech 4000



Developed by Hebert during the 1960’s, INSTITECH 4000 provides dynamic and timely stock market analysis. In continuous production and publication since inception, we’ve used this specialized process for our long term, successful portfolio management work, effectively navigating market conditions.

This technical, data centric process greatly reduces the inherent subjective and emotional decision risk with stock selection.

We use this specialized stock analysis quite effectively, so well in fact that we provide this research to other money managers on a subscription basis.

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