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Two words to remember when you consider fees charged for portfolio management:

Reasonable and Transparent

Our fee structure revolves around that twin concept. We charge a flat management fee as a percentage of the account values on a quarterly basis, that’s it. We do not receive any additional compensation: for example, we receive no sales commissions or bonuses. We report the management fees up front on the quarterly reports we send to each client. You see the actual amount, nothing is hidden. That’s transparent.

There are some differences you should keep in mind when comparing fees between managers:

  • If the advisor uses mutual funds – you’ll pay mutual fund fees plus the advisor fee.

  • If the advisor uses a third-party manager – you’ll pay fees for the manager plus the advisor fee.

  • If the advisor uses a third-party manager and mutual funds – you’ll pay for both plus the advisor fee.

You get the idea how fees can add up.

It pays to ask the right question: “What are the total costs I can expect for managing my portfolio”. Ask us, the answer may surprise you...

Here’s an offer you should take us up on: We’ll perform a complementary review on your portfolio and tell you what you’re currently paying for everything – then you can decide if what you’re getting is worth it – or not.

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