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You might expect that we’ll tell you how well our managed portfolios perform. We will - but not in the same context that you might hear from the typical financial institution of “market beating” performance over the last million years or so.

We think it’s more personal than just "selected" performance numbers and here's why:

Beating the market is often the wrong objective for most investors. The long-term goal should be to achieve results that your investing plan was designed to accomplish. We focus on your goals.

Two important parts make up the performance equation:

  • Actual performance numbers of your portfolio, it’s important to confirm that you’re “in the game” and understand what comparisons you’re using. It’s important to keep score – just be sure it’s for the right game.

  • Your tolerance for various levels of mild to very negative and turbulent market action. Every investor has a unique tolerance appetite, from low to high. It’s important to us that we help calm the anxiety level. Understanding our process greatly aids in that.

We approach investing as a long-term undertaking, not for short periods aimed at chasing popular market indexes. Our disciplined, rules-based approach successfully addresses both parts of the performance equation.

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